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The opposite of war isn't peace
It's creation
Natural Enemies - Caroline/Mason 
3rd-Sep-2011 03:28 pm
angel, faith lehane, eliza dushku

Caroline Forbes was level headed and always did things carefully. She analysed a situation painfully before she rushed into someone headfirst. She did not end up pressed against a wall by Mason Lockwood in her own house. Never. Okay so maybe once.

"Mason, get out of my house." Caroline glared at him threateningly, she didn't know if she could take him at that time. It was the night before full moon, he was a lot stronger then they usually were. She wouldn't tell him anything, she swore to herself that she would keep it to herself and would not tell him anything. Even if he did stare at her with a driven gaze that made her want to melt. What was it with her and the Lockwood men? But no. She had to concentrate. He was probably going to kill her. Oh no.

"I'm not a vampire, Caroline. You can't throw me out." He looked at her. He just looked at her. He didn't glare or sneer or make any attempt to threaten her. Despite what some people might think Mason Lockwood was an all-around good guy. He just wanted answers. "Just tell me where you have the moonstone hidden." He took another step towards her. "Tell me."

She shook her head, even though she wanted desperately to just tell him. "I'm not te-" Before she could finish what she was going to say her back slammed against the wall as he her against it. Pressed between him and the plasterboard of her hallway wall. She looked at him, into his eyes. Big mistake. They were deep, like, abyss deep. The type of depth you only got from living. Truly living life to the full. She almost envied him for that, but she couldn't remember why. She was lost and he could tell. She could already see the trademark Lockwood smirk appearing on his features as he made up a comment in his head. A comment she soon quenched by pressing her lips against his.

She wasn't sure when it had happened, but somewhere in the middle of them kissing they'd gotten upstairs, so that he had her pressed against her bedroom door, her legs wrapped around him while they kissed passionately. She knew it was wrong. Barely legal and oh so very wrong. But if anything that just made it even better, his muscles felt strong against her and his skin was ridiculously warm, his hands roaming her body and tearing off her clothing as she did the same.

And then they ended up on her bed. And somehow on the floor and on the sofa and then back onto her bed and she really couldn't for the life of her remember how. She was focused on the right now. The way his hands on her flesh made her want to scream in pleasure, the way his eyes, dark with lust, made her feel more wanted then anyone had ever made her feel before. She was completely lost in him and she could tell that he was just as lost in her.

So when she woke up a few hours later and found that he was still there she was surprised, his strong arms wrapped around her almost protectively and she felt safer than she had ever felt before. She opened her mouth to say something, something she knew would break the magic but he silenced her with a finger to her lips, closely followed by his own soft mouth against hers, taking away any thoughts that might have been about to surface.

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